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Welcome to the Grenadines!

Experience the ultimate escape sailing aboard the grenadines yacht TZIGANE IX in crystal clear waters and let you drift away to your own private island paradise. In the Grenadines you will find everything to make this an unforgettable sailing yacht vacation - turquoise blue water, long white sand beaches, shade under palm trees - gourmet cuisine  with local and international dishes, cool exotic drinks. This Grenadines yacht vacation is a wonderful opportunity to get away from the stress and strain of your day to day life.

Come see why we live and breath the the Grenadines islands

We have been sailing the Grenadines and the Mediterranean for many years and therefore are very knowledgeable about the grenadines sailing area, anchorages, beaches, diving and snorkeling sites.

Most important we know where to go and where not to go !!  

Come aboard the Grenadines Sailing Yacht Tzigane IX

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